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my fantasy.

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A community where cruellakyu posts all her works.

Fanfictions, graphics, fanmixes, tutorials (or simply say, everything). This is the place where cruellakyu will post all her works (types of works that had been stated earlier).

Every entries (fanfics, tutorials, fanmixes, graphics) posted here will be locked within 48 - 72 hours (2 - 3 days). You have to join the community to get access to every entries.

Everything that she posts here is related to her fandom. Currently, she's posting lots of K-pop stuffs. Her fanfics revolve around real person fandom, so don't like it? Don't read it. Simple as that.

Also, some notes that you should read before going into the community.

1. She really adores rare pairings. So, most of her fanfics will revolve around rare pairings. What kind of rare pairings, you might ask? Well, you'll know when you start reading her fanfics.
2. She tries her best to post the best tutorials and graphics that she can ever make. But, don't really expect much for them. She's not a great designer, or tutorial maker.
3. She loves fanmixes, but she won't promise to do lots of fanmixes. She sucks at choosing good songs,
4. English isn't the main language of hers, so you will probably find some grammatical errors in her fanfics. If you do, then notify her.